Optimizing The Timeline for your Maui Wedding

Here are some of our favorite ways to optimize the timeline for Maui wedding! Creating an unforgettable wedding day experience is all about being present in the moment. It’s also about embracing each part of the day as it comes and capturing every last detail. But, in order to do that, you have to create and optimize a seamless timeline that focuses on those important moments. Here are 4 of our favorite tips to optimize the timeline of your Maui wedding to help you do that!

Create a Shot List

Have you heard of a wedding day shot list? It’s a list of photos that you’d like your photographer to take on your wedding day. Your shot list will also include the names and arrangements of people in your photos, as well as any standout locations throughout your ceremony or reception venue. For example, if your ceremony location is not far from the shore and you’d like photos of you running barefoot in the sand with the train of your dress flowing in the breeze behind you, that would be included in your shot list!

Equally as important on your shot list, will be listing the names of the members of your wedding party, and the closest family members you’d like photos with. From there, you’ll need to include any “pairings”. For example, if you have multiple siblings, will you be taking a photo with each of them individually, one big group shot, or both? Adding these specific details to your shot list is a fabulous way to optimize your wedding day timeline while capturing every moment!

Allow Additional Time for Formal Portraits

The average amount of time to capture wedding portraits, including family formals, is typically around 20-30 minutes. Think about all the members of your wedding party, your closest family members, and your partner. Now imagine trying to capture a photo with each of them! Individually, then as a group, and then in your specified pairings. All within the span of 20 minutes. It seems impossible, doesn’t it? While it’s not quite impossible, it will be rushed, highly posed, and feel inauthentic. Adding another 20-30 minutes to the timeline of your formal portraits will allow you to be present with your wedding party and your family. It’ll give you the precious moments you need to turn to each other and say “Wow! Can you believe I’m married?”.

Schedule Some Alone Time

This is so important, and so often overlooked. Your wedding day timeline will be a slew of meticulously planned moments and events, but this one is a must! Wouldn’t it be amazing, if, after your ceremony and formal photos, you had some alone time with your partner? The blissful happiness that you’ll be experiencing as newlyweds is something to be cherished together. The nuances of wedding planning will be over and you’ll be able to stop soak up the moment. It’ll be a moment to look into each other’s eyes and embrace. Or to enjoy a glass of champagne as a newly married couple! It’s a moment of your wedding day that belongs uniquely to both of you and something you’ll look back on together for years to come.

Your Media Team Needs Time Too

This one kind of happens without you, but, it’s also important to add a block of time to your day that will allow your photographer and videographer to take footage before your guests arrive. Your media team will be capturing every perfectly planned detail of your ceremony and reception space. All before your guests fill those tables and chairs! Typically, this footage is used to tell the story of your wedding day from beginning to end. If you selected a skilled wedding videographer, you probably took an in-depth look at their previous work. You might have noticed how they interweave the detail shots into moments of you getting ready or reciting your vows. All in all, creating a beautiful tale of the day you were married!

Need even more tips for planning an unforgettable Maui wedding? We shared some additional insights, in this post!



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