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Must Have Intimate Moments for your Wedding Day | Maui Wedding Planner

As a Maui Wedding Planner, we know the importance of helping our couples add intimate moments to their wedding day! Whether it’s a moment alone at dinner or a moment to recite personal vows, here are a few of our favorite ways to have an intimate moment together on your wedding day!

1. First Look

Are you thinking about having a first look with your partner on your wedding day? Having a first look has become the new norm with modern-day couples, for a few different reasons. It allows you to shake off the wedding day nerves before heading to the aisle. You get to see your partner, alone, in private, away from the eyes of your guests. A first look also adds a whole new layer of beautiful portraits to your wedding day!

But, we understand that some couples want to keep the tradition alive by seeing each other for the first time down the aisle. In those instances, we recommend having a “first touch” with your partner. A first touch allows you and your partner to still have that private moment together, before your ceremony, but without seeing each other. A first touch also makes an equally beautiful experience and a gorgeous portrait for the two of you to look back on for a lifetime!

2. Private Vows

Another beautiful way to “steal” time on your wedding day is to recite private vows to each other. Of course, this comes with the caveat that you will have to see each other before your ceremony. Private vows are great for couples who are a bit more introverted. Or, couples who want to be able to express themselves freely, without their guests in attendance.

3. Have a Private Moment After Your Ceremony

Once your ceremony is over, your wedding day will become a whirlwind of portrait and reception timelines. Taking a private moment together as soon as your ceremony is over, is a great way to stop time, and soak it all in. Even if it’s just for twenty minutes! That means no wedding party, no parents, no guests, just the two of you. You can take this time to go for a short walk, watch the sun set, or toast each other with a glass of champagne or one of your signature cocktails!

4. Sweetheart Table

It might not seem like it, but having your own private table at your reception is a great way to gain some time alone! Sure, you’re not really alone, but you won’t have to worry about making conversation with anyone at your table other than your partner. Eliminating a head table, where you would normally be seated by your wedding party on either side allows you to dine together, hold hands, and laugh (or cry!) during those unforgettable wedding day speeches.

5. Private Last Dance

Having a private last dance at your wedding is a relatively new way to soak up all the newlywed vibes before you bid goodnight to your best day ever. However, it takes a little planning and coordination to make it happen!  If you plan on having an epic wedding exit, this would be the time where we would ask all your guests to line up and grab their sparklers, glow sticks, or ribbon wands. While your guests are busy readying themselves to bid goodnight to the newlyweds, your wedding DJ would play the final song you’ve selected for the night. You would have the dance floor all to yourselves, for one last dance, to relish in the final moment of the night together!

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