2023 Wedding Trends to Incorporate into your Maui Wedding

Want to incorporate some of the latest wedding trends into your Maui wedding? 2022 and 2023 brought some amazing wedding trends our way. We are going over 5 of our favorite wedding trends in the blog below!

On-Trend Gowns

The amazing thing about wedding fashion is that trends tend to stick around a bit longer than street fashion. Dreamy and romantic printed floral wedding gowns made a big splash in 2022 and they are definitely here to stay! Vintage-inspired off-the-shoulder gowns and gowns with detailed, romantic puff sleeves are another big trend in wedding fashion. We love the ability these gowns have to create stand-out style on your wedding day. All while showing off your unique personality and blending seamlessly with your overall wedding day experience!

Champagne Towers

You might have seen some viral-worthy wedding day champagne towers on Instagram or even TikTok. They are massive fun and a great experience for you and your guests. Whether you combine them with cocktail hour or not, champagne towers create a gathering point, a photo op, and a cocktail to serve, all in one! If you want to incorporate a champagne tower into your wedding day, we’ll work with you to decide the best time to pop a bottle! Whether it’s after your vows, or after your portraits, you’ll be handed a bottle of your choice of champagne to pop open and pour over the top of your tower. Style-wise, it’s partly retro, infused with modern flair. But experience-wise, it’s major fun! 

Weekday Weddings

2022 was the year that weddings boomed! An estimated 2.2 million weddings were being predicted in the US alone for 2023 (Source, The Wedding Report, INC.). However, the sudden boom in weddings post-pandemic skewed one very important factor when planning your wedding. The timeline needed to book your wedding vendors! This became an issue for couples who were planning a wedding day 12 months in advance.

The best way to get around all the venues, planners, and photographers being booked in advance by couples on an 18 or even 24-month timeline? A weekday wedding! If you’re worried about your guest’s experience for a weekday wedding, especially if you are traveling in from the mainland, we recommend looking at wedding dates on a Monday or a Thursday! Either of these days will allow your guests the flexibility of turning your wedding into a “long weekend”. Which will further immerse them in your wedding day experience!

2023 Wedding Trends to Incorporate Into Your Maui Wedding

Private Moments

So much of your wedding day is about shared experiences. Think about it, your guests will being in attendance for every moment while you wed the love of your life. Your ceremony, your cocktail hour, your dinner, and every detailed moment in between will be shared with your loving family and your closest friends. But, that’s not to say that you can’t take a moment for yourselves, away from it all, to soak up the magic of the day!

There are a few ways to go about this. But, some private moments we love scheduling into our couple’s Maui wedding include a shared cocktail after portraits but before joining your guests. A private cake cutting during your room reveal. And lastly, one of our absolute favorite ways for you to grab a moment alone on your wedding day, is a private last dance to close out the night!

2023 Wedding Trends to Incorporate Into Your Maui Wedding

Celebrations as Experiences

You’ve probably noticed that we referred heavily to your wedding day as being an experience, and that’s with good reason. Your wedding day is an experience for you as the couple getting married, but also for your guests.  Focusing on planning your wedding day as an experience shifts your perspective from checking items off a list to instead looking at what each and every aspect of your wedding day brings to the table. 

That means shifting away from neatly lined bow-wrapped favors on your welcome to the table, to instead finding artists and performers who can delight and enchant your guests. It means instead of selecting Canon in D for your walk down the aisle, a violinist instead plays a rendition of Crazy in Love by Beyoncé! Planning an experience-based wedding means looking at how every sight, sound, and flavor comes together for the custom-tailored wedding day of your dreams.

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