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Wedding Trends for 2024

Curious to know more about wedding trends for 2024? Here are 4 of the hottest emerging trends in weddings this year!

1) Film Photography

Let’s talk about film photography. If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram over the last few months in anticipation of planning your own wedding, film photography is more than likely already on your radar. You might have come across wedding photos with a rich quality in a dream-like setting that seems otherworldly. Those dreamy images were captured on film; showcasing how the quality of film photography unrivaled. The images produced through film photography capture emotion, texture, light, and depth in a unique way. The aesthetic is beautifully romantic and the quality is incomparable.

2024 wedding trends, how to make film photography your own!

There’s no denying the beauty that lies in weddings captured on film. From our experience, we highly recommend finding a photographer who is skilled in both film & digital photography. The photos from your wedding will portray the best of both worlds, reflecting each moment through a unique lens.

2) Candid Shots Captured by Guests

Want to put your guests in charge of capturing those candid moments you might not be present for? The ones that happen during cocktail hour, on the dance floor, or at their table during dinner service? Disposable cameras have officially made a comeback, well sort of. Do you remember those disposable cameras that you’d have to “roll” after each shot? We’re not talking about those. Instax and Polaroid are the way to go! With your guests in charge, these mini cameras will provide instant snapshots of all the happenings at your wedding.

2024 wedding trends, how to make it your own!

Your welcome table is the best way to bring this trend to life. Two cameras are more than enough to make it happen, along with a piece of wedding day signage directing your guests to have fun capturing it all! You can opt to have your guests add the snapshots to a guest book. Or, attach them to a board, or simply leave them on the welcome table for everyone to view.

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3) Wedding Content Creation

Many of our couples who plan a destination wedding in Maui view it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and they don’t want to miss a single beat! However, it can be difficult to take it all in while you are having a first look, reciting your vows, or in the midst of your first dance. Wedding Day content creators aim to capture all of those moments as you experience them, but all of the moments in between as well! The best part of hiring a wedding day content creator is that your content will be ready, almost immediately. Allowing you and your guests to view each viral-worthy moment within 24 hours of your day, on Instagram & TikTok.

2024 wedding trends, how to find a wedding day content creator!

Wedding day content creation is offered by specialty content creators as well as photographers & videographers. During your search to hire a wedding day content creator, you’ll want to find someone whose past work closely aligns with your style and wedding day vision.

4) Bold Colors

Color is on trend for 2024 weddings! Unapologetic, bold, vibrant, in-your-face, color. The use of highly saturated tones took off a bit with the whole Barbie-core aesthetic during the summer of 2023, but it’s here to stay. Since then, bold color has shifted from hues of pink to just about every shade you can imagine! Fuschia, cobalt, and rich shades of merlot are some of my favorites, but your wedding day color palette is only limited to your imagination. 

2024 wedding trends, how to make it your own!

If you love the idea of using bold colors for your wedding day but don’t want to make it your whole aesthetic, there are a few ways to go about it. One way we love incorporating this 2024 trend into our couple’s weddings is with pops of red paired with creamy pink pastels. We also love creating a monochromatic style color palette. Think of soft shades of lilac paired with neon purple!

That was our round-up of 2024’s hottest wedding trends! For more information on working with Maui Love Weddings to plan the carefully curated wedding of your dreams, you can inquire with us here.



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